Lodge Cast Iron Square Mini Server, Black, 10 oz

Lodge Cast Iron Square Mini Server, Black, 10 oz

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From fine dining to home cooking Lodge servers add authenticity to any table. This 10 ounce square server is perfect for baked mac and cheese or a brownie and ice cream combo. Heat enhanced seasoned cast iron. Heat treating process resists rust. A coating of vegetable oil is electrostatically applied and cured at high temperatures to deeply penetrate the natural sand mold surface creating seasoned cookware with natural easy-release properties.


Lodge Heat-Treated 10 Ounce Square Cast Iron Mini Server – Atlanta Grill Company

Perfect for side dishes and individual portions, this versatile and practical cast iron server moves easily from the oven, grill or stovetop to the table. Thanks to cast iron’s excellent heating capabilities and remarkable durability, you’ll enjoy delicious breakfast frittatas, piping-hot pan brownies, baked jalapeño cornbread and more for years to come.


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The Lodge 10.5 in. square skillet is beautifully designed and offers more cooking surface than a traditional round pan for even more superior searing. Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating. Foundry seasoned cast iron.


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