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Unpaid internships are intended to provide valuable experience and contacts to young workers, while lowering costs and risks to organizations. If a job-like experience is a boon for a trainee, then knowing the monetary value of their labour is also necessity. 

But are they fair?

What are your opinions on the same?

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Lifestyle & Habit


Mr COVID-19 toured all length and breadth across the globe and the unwelcomed guest made us unsafe even in our own bubbled space within the confines of our homes. The ‘Invisible Virus’ brought all of us under the microscope. As the civilization was scrambling to discover the vaccine, the ease in limitations cultivated a “New Normal” vitality for me.

Experiences expresses the essence of viewpoint of life and so let us talk about how I balanced the skepticism of being unproductive and the sensibility of being productive.

When I walk down the lane of ‘small memories' with Mr. Covid-19 who has been indirectly dating me for the last 3 months, I realize that I have harmonized with this “New Culture” of Pandemic.

Initially, the reflections of “Egg me Jams” and the downpour of ‘Online Classes’ blurred my peaceful life. As hours felt like days and seconds like minutes, the inner opportunist I cried to be productive. From workout challenges to discovering the chef in me, I tried it all.

For one of us, ‘productivity’ may mean different. Someone else’s idea of productivity may not be the same as mine and therefore, it is best to find out where your productivity lies. For me ‘productivity’ was as simple as watching a movie or listening to a song and it was not limited to something huge. I realized that productivity can be dimensionless. It can be the simplest of things that give you the grandest of smiles.

But, in the race of being productive in quarantine, I grabbed all the opportunities which somehow taught me the most important lessons of life. Ranging from attending webinars to online courses of Havard University to interning with 3-4 companies at a time, I turned to be ‘ working machine’ with unrestricted labour, undefined working hours and restricted sleeping hours.

Well, quarantine helped me to figure things out and explore the work culture. The internships crafted my communication skills and enhanced my management skills. Writing and using words to form opinions has always been my strength. But, Mr. Covid-19 boosted my confidence and helped me to explore my potential.

The lane of memories gifted me a ‘Dark realization’ that I lacked “Appreciation” and “Kindness”. I was so much engrossed to win the war of productivity that the creativity to appreciate little things erased. A nature-lover like me could not acknowledge the dawn followed by morning birds chirping and I missed the brilliant blue sky which awaited me to hear the poetry of love and gratitude.

Sometimes, beds seemed to be more comforting than the world outside but it was only for “Sometimes” as I used to again dive into the ocean of Instagram newsfeed and stories. My hands never shivered while looking at the phone screen continuously. I was engulfed in this web of darkness and despondency where I sought for a reason to wake up; a reason to continue the ‘normal’ in my life.

You know, the realization hits harder and what I learnt is that, It’s okay not to do anything productive during quite routine. Don’t be stressed. It’s an opportunity to live real life with family although tangled with small cute fights.

You can just daydream about the quarantined greenhouse dates and give online goodbyes and farewells. As you have read till here and if you agree to what you read through my words,let us go on for “ Online Chai par Charcha”, as that is million times better than being homeschooled by parents on ‘ relationships’.

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When the world is battling against Coronavirus, DU students are battling against online exams. The university whose site barely works, will take online examination of third year students. 

Delhi University, rolled out a press release stating that examination will be conducted for final year students in the month of July. The first reaction of final year students’ were “what about my last semester results?” And I have seen many memes regarding DU conducting online exams. Honestly online exams might turn into a big failure. Many students don’t have their study materials and I know you all will agree when I say online classes can’t cover up for offline classes. Many students feel that the study material shared by teachers hasn’t helped to understand the syllabus fully. I remember I had trouble during my admissions because Delhi University’s site wasn’t working, listening about online exams by DU is a big shock for me. Many students don’t even have access to laptop and a broadband connection at their home.

Instead of taking online exams Du should ask for assignments. The assignment should be innovative, innovative in such a way that students have to work hard on their assignments and it will be better for all the students. Many Students are also demanding a “common academic calendar for all universities.” Which in my opinion is better. Lockdown is affecting our career especially last year students’. Their placements and internships have been stopped. I think a new academic calendar should be made for all universities.

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