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Nitish Kumar


Nitish : Known as the Sushan Babu of Bihar, Nitish Kumar is one of the few leaders who managed to keep his corruption free image . As a young boy Nitish was good in academics and pursued engineering as a career to join the electricity board in Bihar as a Junior Engineer, from his childhood Nitish was  inspired by many senior leaders of the times like Jayprakash Narayan and Anugrah Narayan Singh. It was during the JP movement that Nitish formally entered politics and since then he has never looked back. He is not only known for his exceptional developmental work as the chief minister of Bihar but also as a Union minister during the NDA government he did make some important decisions which revolutionised those departments forever. In situations where a lot of politicians might feel uncomfortable taking decisions Nitish proved that he is one of the best decision makers whether it was resigning from his post of the chief minister in 2014 and leaving NDA or breaking the Mahagathbandhan alliance Nitish has done what he feels is right for his politics and future and even his core enemies would agree that there is no one better than Nitish in contemporary politics who can make quick decisions even if they might seem difficult.From being a Jr. Engineer in the electricity department to the Chief Minister of the state Nitish has come a long way proving that he is no less than anyone else in the evil game of politics.


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How many Presidents of US received Nobel Peace Prize


A far-right Norwegian legislator on Wednesday said that he has nominated US President Donald Trump for the 2021 

Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards furthering peace in the Middle East.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of Norway’s Progress Party, cited Trump’s role in the recent landmark 

agreement between Israel and the UAE, and said, “For his merit, I think (Trump) has done more trying to create 

peace between nations than most other peace prize nominees.”

This is the second time that Tybring-Gjedde has sought the award for Trump. In 2018, along with another 

Norwegian lawmaker, he had nominated the American leader for his work in reducing tensions between North and 

South Korea.

Trump, on his part, has repeatedly expressed his desire for being bestowed with the Peace honour. Earlier this year,

 he took partial credit for the award given in 2019 to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, for the latter’s 

initiative in resolving Ethiopia’s border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.

Referring to Ali, Trump had said, “I made a deal. I saved a country, and I just heard that the head of that country 

is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country.”

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize is scheduled to be announced October 9. Should Trump win next year, he would become

 the fifth US President in history to be given the prestigious award.

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  • US is the one country who doesnt love peace and they are winning peace prize. XD

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