Inedible but digestible Stickers: Why fruits have a vignette! 

The morning ‘Apple’ had a sticker on it. Haven’t you noticed? Well, know how your favourite fruit was grown and where so that you can make your fruit shopping more fruitful.


Have you ever stopped to read the fine print on stickers affixed to fruits and vegetables and wondered what those number convey?

The label has a PLU (Price look-up) code printed on it, which contains important information regarding how the fruit was grown. It is generated by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS).

Let me decode the numbers for you!

A five-digit number beginning with 9, implies that the fruit was grown organically and is best.

A Four digit number, beginning with 3 or 4 implies that the fruit was grown conventionally and includes pesticides in low amount but aren’t harmful. Whereas a five-digit number with 8 as it’s first digit means that fruit was grown with genetic modification and has negative impacts on health.

Know about the country your food was grown in!

You can discover, “The Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)” from PLU codes or signs placed near bins of produce in stores. It helps you to get information from the retailer where the fresh produce was grown.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to do your own research. You can look up the PLU codes on the IFPS website to satisfy your super curious mind.

Well, there are so many stuffs around us and we don't really care to know even the 'Little' things . Try discovering such stuffs and know the unknowns around you.

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