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Eid in Quarantine


The month of Ramadan ends with a grand celebration Eid ul Fitr, however due to the lockdown families have been separated making it less festive. Corona virus pandemic which dates back to December last year has affected world’s biggest economies; many industries have suffered unpredictable loss. The Coal and Petroleum Companies, Tourism and Hospitality sector are most affected; the later is projected to suffer a revenue loss of 1.25 trillion in 2020. The virus has disrupted our lives, daily routines and significance of social gatherings and cultural diversions in it.  Temples, Mosques, Churches which saw people coming everyday and offering prayers to the deities are closed until the situation gets better.

Eid al-Fitr, (festival of breaking of the fast) celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. Eid has a particular Salat (Islamic prayer) consisting of two Rakats (units) generally offered in an open field or large hall, congregational prayers offered on the morning form the core of this festival. It is full of rituals and traditions that involve the entire family; everyone puts on new clothes and attends prayers, thank Allah for giving them the strength.  People greet each other with a hug, help the needy and pray for Barkat (Growth).  But the situation is different this year, with more than two months into global lockdown many are away from their loved ones. The current situation demands that we protect each other by staying away.

As India entered the 4th phase of the quarantine, some restrictions were lifted but all religious places were still closed. The supply of sewai has also suffered as the production stopped in the workshops since a lot of workers have left for their homes. All the prominent muslim organizations have stayed supportive of the government’s efforts.  Religious leaders explained people the procedure of how they can offer the the Eid namaz at their home.

"This year’s  Eid was definitely different from all the other time, since we are quarantined no family friends or relatives came to our place for lunch and it was just a private affair for us. Though thanks to technology we could talk to them through social media apps and this time we offered namaz inside the home instead of Eidgah because it is haraam (prohibitated) to harm (infect) others because everyone has a right over other. Hope this virus goes soon and the world becomes a better place to be in" says Zeeshan, Student from New Delhi.

Ramadan has indeed been a bit glum this year, with everyone stuck at their homes, unable to go to the community prayers. For the first many in so many years the streets are free of people. But the festival of Eid celebrates happiness and contempt, so we could all hope, pray and stay inside for better days ahead.

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Union Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri announced that domestic flights will resume operations from Monday, May 25.A day after that,the Airport Authority of India has come up with some guidelines for airports and passengers in which the passengers have to reach the airport 2 hrs prior to the flight,wearing mask is compulsory and having AAROGYA SETU app in the mobile phone is necessary.
Do you think resuming airline operations is necessary ?

#covid -19 #coronavirus  #lockdown 

Technology & Science

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Time up ! Mr. Imran Hypocrite Niyzai

In his first speech at the UN General assembly, Imran Khan Niyazi the "selected" PM of Pakistan went on to to speak for 45 minutes, in which most part of it was devoted to Human Rights , Equality and Justice in context to how he wants to make Pakistan a state where everyone Muslim or Non Muslim will get equal rights and have equal say like other Muslims . Imran khan keeps reminding us of "Riyasat-e-Medina" where everyone was equal and had equal rights he also repeats this one example of how a jew was brought to justice and expresses his urge to make Pakistan modern day Medina but what happened at #karachiBeinnale  where artist Adeela Suleman who installed art by the name of "Killing fields of Karachi" where she highlighted how the Infamous encounter master of Karachi , Rao Anwar went on to kill 444 people alot of them who were Balochistani . When the artists with Anti PTI human right activists Jibran Nasir was doing a press conference against the destruction of Installation , a person who claimed to be "DG Parks " ( some post in security agency ) came and tried to stop it , according to what he said to the media these people were showing the wrong picture of Pakistan to the world. The real question is to PM Khan who till now was accusing Modis India of curtailing freedom of speech but seems like he needs to look in his own den first .

#KarachiBiennale #JibranNasir  #Pakistan  #India  #RaoAnwar  #Karachi 


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