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Why the left loses the narrative

This is the problem of the organised left of our generation, Sadhguru is blatantly trying to snatch away the narrative from you and all your carders are doing is laughing and sharing memes about it, leave it to individual "scoundrel" like us who "wear the badge according to our comfort".
In todays world when narratives changes in minutes outside the utopia you live in even if you manage to come out with "Strong" statements it will too late to stop the sham that the so called guru is trying to sell in the name of Communism. Ask your carders to engage in a dialogue before its too late, like always.
As it is we do not know what is Sadhguru is trying to sell in the name of communism and considering that the person has a mass influence one needs to get in and save the ideological theft thats happening right under your nose as part of the bigger game thats being played to either kill any narrative with a disagreeing tone or appropriate it for their benefit.
In case you do not realise thats part of your job with the kind of machinery you have all individuals like me who wear the badge according to comfot can do is to talk and engage to our friends and relatives. Also if you think Sadhguru can not change anything you should talk to the english speaking upper middle class of this country who lives in Noida , Gurgaon and Mumbai or South Delhi because here is a person who has an edge over many in his own circuit and thats the language he speaks.
For you the Upper middle class might not be part of your plan but they are part of this narrative building and the class you want to appeal depends on them and i guess my friends here are smart enough to understand the chronology. Upper middle class might be the most annoying class of all but if you let them buy a fake narrative believe me you will let them sell a fake narrative .


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