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----- Non-BN Survey on Agriculture -----

Opinion of general people about Geographical Indication (GI) Tag food products and nutritious food products

This survey is created to understand the knowledge of general public about their food products and its origin.

Que. 1: Are you aware of healthy nutritious food products?

Que. 2: Do you eat nutritious food products?

Que. 3: Which type of food product do you consume?

Que. 4: Where do you buy Organic food?

Que. 5: What is your monthly grocery budget?

Que. 6: Please watch the video attached to know about GI Tagged Product.


Que. 7: Have you heard about Geographical Indication (GI) Tag food products before?

Que. 8: Do you wish to bring back aroma and taste inside in your kitchen with GI Tag food products?

Que. 9: Do you feel nostalgic and connect with the food you eat today?

Que. 10: Do you want to use Geographical Indication (GI) Tag food products?

Que. 11: Where would you like to buy such GI Tagged products?

Que. 12: Share your suggestion